Georgia Download Destination

Georgia Download Destination (GADD) offers e-books, e-magazines and downloadable audiobooks to 50 library systems in Georgia, serving over 280 physical branches. Our mission is to provide access to downloadable materials to the patrons of our member libraries.

Georgia Download Destination along with your library or e-card enables you to download e-books, e-magazines and audiobook to your computer, tablet and mobile devices.

Download the Libby App to get started.

The Libby App now has made changes to improve the accessibility for readers who have visual, motor, and cognitive needs.

The Libby App has made the following improvements:

  • Screen reader support: Low-vision and blind users can use screen readers to browse, borrow, read ebooks and magazines, and listen to audiobooks in Libby.
  • Read From Here: When using a screen reader, low-vision and blind users can enter “Read From Here” mode to have the text of an ebook or magazine read aloud.
  • Navigation Bar labels: There’s an option in the in-app menu to add labels beneath each of the navigation bar icons. Note: This setting is currently only available in the English language.
  • Adjustable text size: Libby uses the text size setting of the user’s device and scales the text in the app accordingly. Users can increase the text size in ebooks manually.
  • Adjustable playback speed for audiobooks: Users can choose from 48 speed settings to find the speed that best suits their needs.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Shortcuts in Libby’s ebook reader and audiobook player supplement the keyboard navigation.
  • Lighting options: Libby uses the device’s built-in lighting setting and displays the app in light or dark mode accordingly. Users can also choose a lighting option (light, dark, or sepia) in the ebook reader manually.

Funding for this service provided in part by the Houston County Friends of the Library.