RFP Documents

The Houston County Public Library System is seeking proposals for Replacing Fluorescent Lamps with LED Lamps, Removing Ballasts and Installing Emergency Battery Backup Units at Nola Brantley Memorial Library with efficient LED lamps plus installation of a small amount of new fixtures.

Pictures of the Nola Brantley Ceiling Plans for Contractor’s use.

From: Marie Hamilton
Date: Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 6:48 AM
Subject: RFP Questions

Q. “The RFP is requesting a “Troffer in Ceiling” for the east side of the circulation desk to add a fixture. Can the added fixture be a can/downlight?”

A. Yes, and that change has been addressed in the Addendum.

Q. “Because the ceiling is sheetrock, who is responsible for the construction?”

A. The contractor, and that change has been addressed in the Addendum.

Q. “The RFP is requesting two (2) “Flat Acrylic in Drop Ceiling” in the Northwest corner of the building west wall. Will a flat panel or can downlight be acceptable?”

A. Yes, and that change has been addressed in the Addendum.

Q. “There are string lights along the upper ledge of the Main Hall that are the same as the ones above the circulation desk. Please confirm if these are in scope.”

A. Yes, these lights are in the Scope of Work and that change has been addressed in the Addendum.

Q. “Please confirm that the outside entry hanging lamp is a G24Q (4pin) because you cannot see inside.”

A. Yes, and that change has been addressed in the Addendum.

Q. “Are the architectural drawing available to share?”

A. Not at this time. If we add drawings to the RFP, we will post them on this page.

Q. “There is a mixture of different fixture types and potential replacements that are misidentified in the RFP. As stated in the RFP, it is the potential bidders responsibility to correct and for their bid submission. Will a corrected location and replacement be issued?”

A. No, as per the RFP, the list of fixtures and lamp types are for reference only. It is the contractors responsibility to verify the fixture and lamp replacement types.

Q. “Who is the energy provider for the library. If Georgia Power, who will be responsible for filing the rebate?”

A. Flint EMC is the energy provider for the Nola Brantley Library. If there are any rebates, that information should be given to the Owner.

From: Jason Wetherbee
Date: Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 11:49 AM

Q. “I was checking to see if you wanted to use the Team Ga Marketplace state contract for the materials on this bid, or if you wanted to go outside the state contract and allow any brand bulbs.”

A. No, we don’t require a Georgia State contract. Commercial grade type replacement bulbs are sufficient.

From: Chester Sokowski
Date: Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 5:03 PM
Subject: Request For Proposals Replacing Fluorescent Lamps – 11/02/2020

Q. “Do you anticipate extending the bid due date?”

A.  No

Q. “What additional details are you willing to provide, if any, beyond what is stated in bid documents concerning how you will identify the winning bid?”

A. The RFP, an Addendum and other questions asked and answered can be found at https://houpl.org/?page_id=2070.

Q. “Was this bid posted to the nationwide free bid notification website at www.mygovwatch.com/free? “

A. Not that I’m aware of.

Q. “Other than your own website, where was this bid posted?”

A.  The Georgia State procurement website, https://ssl.doas.state.ga.us/gpr/

From: Armando Troche
Date: Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Site visit for Nola Brantley Memorial Library

Q. “Will any furniture have to be relocated and/or stored by the contractor prior to installation of any fixtures, or will that be done by staff?”

A. No furniture will be moved.

Q. “I did not notice any literature on bid bonds or performance bonds. Are there any requirements for bonds before or during the project if awarded?”

A. No bid or performance bond is required.

Q. “Will the building be occupied during the upgrades, and/or are there plans for temporary power outages in locations getting upgraded?”

A. Yes the building will be occupied during regular business hours. No plans for power outages at this time.

Q. “Are there any designated staging areas for materials to be stored (storage rooms, warehouse, etc.) or will storage be provided by the contractor?”

A. No storage is provided. Staging areas will be agreed upon by the Contractor and the Owner.

Q. “Are there any staging locations for exterior dumpsters/storage?”

A. Contractor is responsible for obtaining and having dumpsters emptied plus any associated fees.

Q. “Will access be limited due to Covid-19? Will contractors have access to facility restrooms, or will they need to be provided?”

A. Masks are required to enter the building. Bathrooms will be open during regular hours of operation.

Q. “Are documents needed for the disposal of fixtures?”

A. No but as per the RFP, work does include removing and properly recycling fluorescent lamps, and removing and properly recycling all ballasts.