RFP Documents

Please read RFPs carefully before submitting any bids.

Request for Proposal Internet and Managed Firewall Services

Request for Proposal Network Switches

We use E-Verify.

E-Verify Compliance

The Georgia E-Verify law requires contractors and all sub-contractors on Georgia public contracts (contracts with a government agency) for the physical performance of services over $2,499.99 in value to enroll in EVerify, regardless of the number of employees. A contractor or sub-contractor may be exempt from this requirement if the contractor or sub-contractor has no employees and does not hire nor intend to hire employees for the purpose of completing any part of the public contract.

For a public contract, contractors must sign the Contractor E-Verify Affidavit, all subcontractors must sign the Subcontractor E-Verify Affidavit and all Sub-subcontractors must sign the Sub-Subcontractor Affidavit.

HCPL is required to ensure that the Contractor E-Verify Affidavit is part of the contract; however, the contractor is responsible for all subcontractor affidavits and the subcontractors are responsible for the sub-subcontractors affidavits.

For contractor’s not familiar with Georgia’s E-Verify laws, more information can be found at

Would you consider a cloud firewall solution if it provides all functionalities?
Our current systems use a managed hardware firewall and as outlined in the RPF we would like the firewall implementation to be compatible with current configurations. Cloud firewalls would not be considered.
Is it a requirement that the circuit be dedicated?
It is required that the circuit be dedicated.